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Wilcox Kids TV (WKTV)

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic WKTV will be suspended for the 2020-2021 School Year.

WKTV is a program where 4-5 graders give morning announcements to our school on television at 7:50 AM.

There are groups of students coming in each week to WKTV. Every day, these students are assigned important jobs like audio, camera, etc.


The announcers are one of the most important jobs in this broadcast. There are 1-2 students who become announcers for a day. They announce the school news to everyone in school. Some news they say are, “Today’s lunch is… School-wide behavior expectations… Thanks for watching WKTV!”.


Audio is how you can hear the voices of the announcers, weather bug, & other guests on television. The person who is audio adjusts the sound to make it louder or softer.


Camera is a really important job! Without it, they can’t be seen on TV. The student sets up the broadcasting shot for the announcers and background. Whatever the video camera is focused on, is shown right on the television.


Tech is using a computer to show amazing effects on the television! The computer is connected to the audio box & cameras. It allows the students to edit what is filmed and makes the broadcasts look ASTONISHING! Watch for a cool background, weather bar for weather bug reporters, and other real surprises!


Please see Mrs. Christy Nii for more information or for an application to be a part of WKTV.