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Hydroponics is one of the many programs at our school. Hydroponics means to garden using water and fertilizer without any soil.

Some jobs the hydroponics students do are: Plant seeds in sponges, clean trays, and transfer lettuce from the starter tray to the bigger tray when the plant is about three inches. When the plants get bigger, students check the water quality and fertilizer levels as well as check for diseases  like the most common one is the white fly. Students will need to treat them with a water and baking soda solution.

Hydroponics helps the environment by not using chemicals. It only uses natural ingredients. One of the reasons we have this program is to educate children about gardening with natural ingredients, such as water and fertilizer.

Some things students learn from this program are different ways of gardening, harvesting, selling produce, and how to work together.

In 1998, Principal Ernest Dela Cruz, founded the hydroponics program and chose Yoshi Nakao to run it. Over the years, the program has prospered with a variety of fruits and vegetables.