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Creative Arts Program

Creative Arts, a outstanding after school program for all grades to dance, sing, and to learn how to play ukulele.

The program is held from 2:00 to 3:45 pm.  There are three groups for the boys, younger girls, and the 5th graders and some returnee 4th graders.

Our teachers Mrs. Nii, Mrs. Muraoka, Mrs. Terry, Mrs. Esposo, Mrs. Yuh, and Mrs. Yamada dedicate their time to teach these students to dance, sing, and play the ukulele for performances at school assemblies, special events and a spring finale.  At the spring finale, the creative art students perform for their families and friends what they learned during the whole school year.

Students love this program because there are fun and loving teachers, they can express their feelings into their dancing and singing, and just be themselves around the other members and teachers!!!

Creative Arts teachers and students