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To provide encouragement and support services to young children with social, emotional or behavioral difficulties to help each child function more effectively in the classroom, school, and community.

What does PSAP do?

Our program helps children to get a good start in school by providing a caring adult on campus to work with your child.  This adult, the PSAP aide, can help by assisting your child with developing friendships, helping to develop good learning and social skills, as well as helping to build healthy self concepts.  The caring PSAP aide will give your child individualized attention, quality time, and TLC to encourage development of a close supportive bond so the child is happier, more relaxed at school, and more ready to learn in the classroom.

What kinds of activities are provided?

Activities might include friendship groups, lunch and recess activities, and individual sessions with our PSAP aides in the PSAP room, which is a comforting and developmentally appropriate setting.  Additionally, classroom adjustments, special activities such as holiday events, parent events, and workshops are offered. The PSAP team, which includes the parents or guardians, decides what activities the child might benefit from; therefore, activities may vary from child to child.

Which children should be considered for Primary School Adjustment Project?

Students in kindergarten through second grade who are:

~ having difficulty adjusting to school (separating from parent, unmotivated, etc.)

~ having social difficulties (very shy or withdrawn, having difficulty understanding social cues from others, overwhelms others, etc.)

~ displaying inappropriate behaviors (crying, temper tantrums, negative peer interactions, etc)

~ having emotional difficulties (easily frustrated or angered, family issues, death in the family, highly stressed)

Who may I call for more information?

If you have any questions about PSAP, please call the school counselor, Ms. Jonel Elias at 241-3771, extension 184. You may also call the PSAP room directly and speak to the PSAP counseling aides: Kathleen Matsuda or Claudia Bartlett at extension 182.   Click here for link to the Children's Institute to find more information on the Primary Project.


Kathleen Matsuda and Claudia Bartlett

PSAP Counseling Aides