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`Ohana - Family


A long time ago a child was born. This child was very pupuka and not fully developed. The mother named it Haloa. Haloa died and the loving mother buried him beside her hale. Everyday she would sit and uwe over Haloa's grave. One morning she saw a sprout coming out of the ground. It grew into a kalo plant.

The woman's second son was also named Haloa and was fed luau and poi from this plant. Haloa grew into a very strong and healthy man and from him came the kanaka maoli. They compare this plant to the 'ohana because of the plant's many offshoots called ha.

The lesson of this mo'olelo is of the sacrifice of the first born's life in order to feed and save the Hawaiian people.


'ekahi: Download and fill in this genealogy chart. 'elua: Write a mo'olelo telling how you and your 'ohana spend the day at the kahakai. 'ekolu: Illustrate your mo'olelo showing what you like to do best at the kahakai. 'eha: List some words you know which have the word ha in them. Example: Aloha