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Laulima - Cooperation


Back in ancient Hawai’i there was a kulana kauhale which sat in a green valley of Wailua on the island of Kaua’i. Wailua was the home of the ali’i and their ‘ohana. Everyone in the village was so laulima with whatever was needed to help the ali’i at any time.

One day, Ali’iwahine Kepola asked a little Hawaiian girl named Alohanani to sew her a special lei. However, this lei would need 1000 pua ilima to complete. How can I do this by myself, the little girl thought? Hm-m-m-m? I know! I'm so akamai, I'll ask my 'ohana to kokua and laulima.

Together, Alohanani and her ‘ohana laulima and picked 1000 pua which Alohanani sewed into a beautiful lei ilima. Ali’iwahine Kepola was so pleased with her special lei that she gave Alohanani one of her beautiful rare pupu from her shell collection.


'Ekahi:String a beautiful lei using your favorite non-poisonous pua.
'Elua: Make a lei using other materials such as: candy, paper, money or seeds.
'Ekolu: Give this lei to someone special to show your aloha.

Hana Hou

'Ekahi: Tell me how your friend felt when he/she received your lei.
'Elua: Send to me, Kumu Alohanani, a picture or drawing of your flower lei and it's name.