Kuleana - Responsibility


One bright, sunny morning, Kamuela and his sister, Makamae, were eating breakfast in the kitchen with their ilio, Poi. Mama and Papa were on their way to their ‘uala farm to hana. Before Mama and Papa left, they told Kamuela and Makamae, Don’t forget your kuleana before you go anywhere today. If you finish all your chores today, then we can go to the kahakai tomorrow. Kamuela and Makamae said, We will.

A little while after Mama and Papa left, Kamuela and Makamae’s friend, Kaipo, knocked on the door. Aloha Kamuela! Aloha Makamae! Let’s go surfing at Kealia Beach. Go grab your papa's he'e nalu and let’s go! Kamuela told Kaipo, We cannot go. We have to finish our kuleana first. Yeah, said Makamae, Mama and Papa said that if we are pau with our chores today, then we can go to the kahakai tomorrow.

Kaipo told them, You guys are going to be kaumaha if you miss out on these nalu. But Kamuela and Makamae just said, A hui hou!

Kamuela and Makamae worked hard all day. They washed the lole, fed the holoholona, and cleaned the hale until it shined. When Mama and Papa came home from their 'uala farm they were very hau'oli.

The next day, Mama and Papa took them to the kahakai to go surfing. They had lots of fun. The nalu were even bigger than the day before. Their friend Kaipo wasn't at the kahakai. He had to stay home because he didn't take care of his kuleana. He was very kaumaha.

The lesson of this mo’olelo is: if you take care of your kuleana when you are supposed to, you make everyone hau‘oli, including yourself.


'Ekahi: Make a list of your kuleana at home.
'Elua: Draw a picture of yourself doing one of your kuleana.
'Ekolu: List any Hawaiian words you know that have to do with the kahakai.