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Kokua - To help

Ke kai was high and rough. Keoki ran to kokua in carrying the wa'a into the kai. His team wants to win the heihei. Do you think they can do it? Let 's see....


Keoki, a keikikane, was umi years old and a member of a hui wa'a. Every day his makuahine kokua by taking him to practice at the kahawai. His 'elima teammates learned to kokua each other well during practice. Hoe wa'a, Keoki thought, was a one-man sport. He soon learned that he was wrong. It takes a lot of kokua and laulima from everyone involved to enjoy and win na heihei.

In the early morning of the race, Keoki and his teammates became a little maka'uwhen they saw the nui wa'a lined up on the kahakai. The announcer started the race and the canoes were on their way! Each team member kokua each other with words of encouragement, giving them the ikaika and 'uhane they needed to win the race. YES!!!


'Ekahi: Write a mo'olelo of how your 'ohana can kokua you in your favorite sport. 'Elua: Draw a ki'i of yourself playing this sport. 'Ekolu: Draw a ki'i of a wa'a. 'Eha: Can you name the parts of a wa'a?

Hana Hou

'Ekahi: Please e-mail to me a copy of your mo'olelo and ki'i. Mahalo!