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'Ike - To see, feel, recognize

I was born 10 years ago today. My 'ohana will be coming to my hale for an 'ike paina with cake and ice cream for dessert plus many makana for me.


I'm so excited! Today is the day the winner of the Reflections poster and essay contest will be announced. I entered a poster with a collage of my memories showing some hau'oli moments in my life. My entry is entitled, I Remember When.....

In one ki'i, I'm receiving 'ike with many leis from my friends after winning the 100-yard dash. Another ki’i, shows me riding my first dirt bike which I received for Christmas from my makuakane. He said that I deserved it because I was always ready and willing to kokua when he needed help.

Oh! Oh! My makuahine is calling me. It must be time to go. A hui hou!


'Ekahi: Please list three ways 'ike was shown in the introductory paragraph. 'Elua: In what way does your class show 'ike after a student finishes his/her oral report? 'Ekolu: How were you shown 'ike for something special that you did:

1. at home
2. at school
3. in your community

Hana Hou

'Ekahi: Did you have an opportunity to show 'ike to a special guest in your classroom? What did you do? 'Elua: If you did not finish your kuleana at home, how did your makua show 'ike? 'Ekolu: How does your Kumu Kula show 'ike when you do not bring in your homework?