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Aloha - Love, Hello, Goodbye

Hi! My name is Alohalani and I want to give you this lei to show that I care and am happy to see you. Enjoy your day. Aloha, a hui hou!


This morning Pua found a mo'o lying on the ground outside the hale. It seemed weak and helpless, so she picked it up and took it into her room. Pua brought a little dish of wai and coaxed the mo'o to drink it. She found a little bug which she fed to the mo'o and promptly named the mo'o Li'i. Through this kindness and gentle care Li'i revived and became Pua's constant companion.


'ekahi: The greeting and mo'olelo above are samples of Aloha. Tell us what words show what Aloha means.
'elua: Draw a ki'i of your favorite lei to express your Aloha.
'ekolu: Draw a ki'i of Pua and Li'i showing their Aloha for each other.