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School Community Council

Elsie H. Wilcox Elementary School is operating under a School Community Council (SCC). The SCC, comprised of two administrators, three teachers, two parents, two persons from the community, two students and a representative from the classified staff, meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the school library and invites interested people to attend.

The name of this council shall be the Elsie H. Wilcox Elementary School Community Council, hereinafter referred to as the SCC.

The objectives of the SCC shall be in accordance with State guidelines and be consistent with policies of the Board of Education.

Section 1.
To advise the school regarding the planning, budgeting, implementation and evaluation of the academic and Financial plan.

Section 2.
To ensure the school’s academic and financial plan is consistent with the educational accountability system.

Section 3.
To study and review the school’s multi-year plan in relation to the educational needs of the students.

Section 4.
To emphasize the parent as the first teacher of the child and to provide opportunities for all parents to improve their teaching methods through developmental activities.

Section 5.
To provide collaborative opportunities for input and consultation.

Section 6.
Participate in the selection and evaluation of the principal as designated by the DOE.

Section 7.
To take other actions as required by the Department of Education.

The principal is responsible for the development of the Academic and financial Plan and presentation of the plan to the school community and SCC. The plan is reviewed by the SCC and the SCC will provide recommendations for revision or recommend the plans for approval by the Complex Area Superintendent.

The SCC shall have ongoing responsibility to review the implementation of the plan with the Principal, assess periodically the effectiveness of the plan and recommend modifications to the plan. The SCC shall carry out all of the duties and responsibilities assigned to it by the Hawaii Department of Education.

You can contact Mark Hubbard (SCC Chair) at


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April 2015-16 Minutes

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