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Wilcox Alma Mater

Out in the blue Pacific
On an island in the sea
Hills and mountains majestic
Canefields, too, we see.

In the midst of all this beauty
Stands our alma mater dear
And to you we’ll sing our praises
And always give a cheer!

Oh, Wilikoki, Lihue,
To you we will be true.
How pleasant our memories
Of friendship old and new

Oh, Wilikoki, Lihue,
Your banner we uphold
To you we sing, our praises ring,
For the purple and the gold!

Na Pua o Wilikoki

Na pua o Wilikoki.
The children of Wilcox.
E ‘ike e,
E kupu e,
E malama e,

Na pua o Wilikoki.
The children of Wilcox.
I ka pu’u o Kilohana.
In the hilltop of Kilohana.
I ka ua Pa’upilihale.
In the Pa’upilihale rain,
I ke kaha o ka ‘io.
In the flight of the hawk.

Eia no makou,
We are here,
Eia no makou.
We are here.
Aloha no kakou,
Greetings to all,
Aloha no kakou.
Greetings to all.

Wilikoki ke kula ‘a makou
We of Wilcox School
Wilikoki ke kula ‘a makou
We of Wilcox School
Eia makou kua’e ‘oukou,
Here we are standing before you,
Wilikoki ke kula ‘a makou
We of Wilcox School.

Aloha, malama, ka ‘ohana apau
Love, care for the whole family
Kokua pu a me ka laulima,
Helping too with our many hands,
Me ke lokahi, ho’oponopono no
With unity, and forgiveness,
‘Ike ke kuleana,
You will know your responsibility

Aloha, malama, ka ‘ohana apau,
Love, care for the whole family.
He lanakila no kakou.
We are winners!

Malama Song

There's a mist coming down from the mountain.
And the sun comes shining through
There’s a rainbow over the ‘aina
A special gift for me and you.

We see the fish swim in the ocean.
Water surrounds us that’s so blue
We have the love of our ‘ohana
And ke aloha o na keiki too.

Malama ka ‘aina
Malama ke kai
Malama na ‘ohana
Malama you deep inside
It’s our kuleana to take care of what we have.
We need to malama gifts with pride.


A is for Aloha
L means I love you.
O is for ‘Ohana.
H says “Hello” to you!
A is for Aloha
Aloha no to you!


Na ‘ohana is my family.
They are the ones who care for me.
Mom, dad, sisters, brothers, and you.
Aunties, uncles, and grandparents, too.
Aloha to my family.
They are very special to me.
They are very special to me.


Kuleana is responsibility
Do it, do it, do it, do it,
You’ll be proud of me.

Do it at home.
Do it at school.
Do it willingly.
Kuleana is responsibility.


If you need a helping hand
Say kokua...Kokua
When you give a helping hand
That’s kokua....Kokua
We all have the time to share
When we give, we show we care.
Everyone let us help
Let’s kokua.

When a friend falls down, pick him up.
That’s kokua.
Helping mom with the dishes, wipe ‘em up.
That’s kokua.

Pick up rubbish off the ground
Show a smile when there’s a frown
Spread Aloha all around,
That’s kokua.


Our hands go sha la la la la
Sha la la la Laulima
Whoa oh sha la la la la
We can all work together.
If we can work in harmony
Things will seem so much easier.
Whoa oh sha la la la la
Everybody come let’s Laulima.

In the morning, noon, and night, kokua all day
At work, at home , at school, and even at play
With many hands together, there’ll be no fuss
So come along, join in, come sing Laulima with us.

Repeat Chorus


It’s sometimes hard to get along.
It’s sometimes hard to say, “I’m wrong.”
But when you start to hurt inside,
Don’t run away and try to hide...

Let’s ho’oponopono, we’ll listen to you.
Ho’oponopono, we’ll help you see things through.

Don’t give up and don’t feel blue,
There’s someone there who believes in you.

Ho’oponopono, reach out for someone.
Ho’oponopono, reach out and we’ll come.


‘Ike when I’m wrong.
‘Ike when I’m right.
‘Ike to show me that everything’s all right.

When we show one another that we care,
With a hug, kiss, or a stare,
Then we grow with humility,
And get rid of our burdens and be free.

Repeat Chorus

Instill good values in your heart.
It’ll keep your world from falling apart.
It’s easy to recognize the things you do.
Just give your Aloha. ... It’s up to you!

Repeat Chorus